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  Archives of Otolaryngology (full text)
  Archives of Ophtalmology (full text)
  Archives of General Psychiatry (full text)
  Archives of Dermatology (full text)
 Journal of Emergency Nursing (full text)
 Dermatology Online Journal (full text)
 Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal (full text)
 AIDS Online
 Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine (full text)
 The Journal of Infectious Diseases (full text)
 Internet Journal of Scinece (Biology and Chimistry) (full text)
 Weekly Epidemiological Record
 Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences (full text)
 Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development (full text)
 The Journal of Biology and Chemistry (full text)
 Canadian Dental Association (full text)
 Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (full text)
 Communicable Diseases (full text)
 The Journal of Biochemistry (full text)
 Clinical Chemistry (full text) 
 The AIDS Reader 
 Nurse Week/ Health Week  A Cancer Journal for Clinicans (full text)